Tuesday, 29 April 2008


One more First: IPL revolutionises the post-match handshakes

  • Tuesday, 29 April 2008
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  • So Harbhajan Singh has to pay for his folly. He has been banned from playing rest of the IPL matches. Although some of us will feel the punishment too severe, others will take it as the supremacy of cricket over an individual, no matter how talented he may be.

    But why did Harbhajan behave that way? Why did he slap a guy, who is his team mate in the more serious forms of the game and that also when the game was already over and all the ruffled feathers had already been smoothened?...This question is of interest to all those individuals who follow cricket.

    Hindustan times has come up with its version of the incident. A story which it claims to have been developed by joining together the bits provided by the insiders. So What exactly happened?

    Have a look at the picture below, are they celebrating Harbhajan Singh's ban?...Some people are hell bent to show bonhomie, no matter what the occasion is!

    [Courtesy: Hindustantimes.com ]

    4 Responses to “One more First: IPL revolutionises the post-match handshakes”

    Straight Point said...
    29 April 2008 13:39

    thats one kick too many i guess ;-))

    Anand said...
    3 May 2008 03:28

    Zabardasti ki bonhomie!

    btw, the new header banner looks great.Good going Anil..

    S.Ganesh Kumar said...
    19 December 2010 23:39

    Awesome pic.

    A Bisht said...
    26 December 2010 08:19

    @S.Ganesh_Kumar________Thanks Ganesh. Welcome to CricketUA.

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