Ultimate Truth #2

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Although Sourav Ganguly's recent form is sufficient enough to deny him even a Test berth, and his absence from the Rest of India side for the Irani Cup seems very palatable to the majority of cricket lovers ;it's the double standards of the selectors which is surely summing up to some unpalatableness.

Sumit Chakraberty, talks about these double standards in his article For whom should the bell toll? at his blog Cricketkeeper


Unknown said...

yes, double standards. i've made the same point in For whom should the bell toll?. But, of course, in words not pictures :)

straight point said...

yeh hai ab ka gyan...ye hai ab ka gyan...

Anonymous said...

guess ppl are awed by presence of SG!! does he tend to make ppl insecure :P

Anil Singh said...

Hi Sumit,
I've read the post and referenced it as well.

Anil Singh said...

Hi SP,

FOr the sake of rhyme:

"kehtey hain SP Mahan"...:)

Anil Singh said...

Hi Buzz,

It may be one of the reasons.

It's not always that the best man gets the job; it's the one who is least intimidating :P

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