Gambhir ban arouses mixed feelings

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Friend blogger Vmminerva has penned his uninhibited thoughts on the Gambhir issue in his blog VM’s Random Ramblings , in a post titled On the Gambhir ban and Gilly’s True Colors
Do read it.


Anonymous said...

Yes, mixed is the word. There is not as much intensity as the Bhajji episode (though charge of rascism is no where near this). There is also not non chalance. I've addressed this in a bit more detail over at my blog. Interesting isn't it?

Sandesh Kumar said...

Hey There,

My name is Sandesh and I run a Cricket Blog Do you want to add my blog to your Blog list, then i can add your blog to mine.

Waiting for your reply.

Anil Singh said...

@ VM

Two bloggers writing and drawing on the same issue, means the issue has percolated deep into the psychy of the society.
And that's the beauty about blogging.
I read the article at your blog; it's very good.

And thanks for referencing me in your write-up.

Anil Singh said...

@ Sandesh

Welcome to the world of cricket bloggers.:)

straight point said...


why you have stopped moving out...?

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

Thank you bro for asking this.

Actually the past fortnight was not very good for me, from the health perspective.

In addition other engagements kept me totally occupied.

I just managed to make the scheduled posts, as you better know, once a blog reaches a certain point, it becomes more of the the reader than the writer.

Though I was feeling bad for not venturing into the blogosphere, various factors kept me tied.

I'll surely be moving out this week, like past.

Thank you for showing concern, it felt good. :)

Anonymous said...

To me he was lucky to get away with just a one test ban... Watson got off very mildly too... Broad might have been in a very romantic mood.

Anil Singh said...

@ Scorpicity

You're right Scorpy, the matter is sorted out in a peculiar bonhomie.

Description of Broad mood swings; Very funny :)

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