BCCI brushes aside security concerns; says World Cup too far to even think about !

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Anonymous said...

hope you don't get in trouble for planting a bomb there ;-)

Soulberry said...


Thinking into the distance when the truth of present is undecided. But there should be a parallel farsighted rail of thought to guide the present as well.

Anil Singh said...

@ NC

Thanks NC. I'm Happy that you find the cartoon interesting. :)

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

More than the cartoon, your assertion is inducing much laughter.

...planting a bomb there :)

Anil Singh said...

@ Soulberry

You're right Soul. It's too early to say anything. Even those who are raising security fears now, w. r.t. the WC2011, seem to be doing so, for their own vested interests.

But equally true is the fact that, if security concerns are swept under the carpet, every time they are raised, then we as a country are least likely to make our nation safe. A proper investigation, and timely action, is more important than pointing finger at neighbours or a religion in particular. We're a country where, political entities are always more than eager to divide us on religious and caste lines; should also be kept in mind.

You're very right, a farsighted planning is important.

Anonymous said...

The bomb should be under his butt... often only smoke comes from there.

2011 may not happen to me.

Anil Singh said...

@ Scorpy

What to say, I still can't stop laughing. :)

Soulberry said...

Scorpi! (har har har...recalls to me a story from med school days)

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