Dravid disappoints again; scores 7 runs in two innings

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straight point said...

ouch...my hands are aching... :)

Trideep said...

Sad, Dravid has to go through this..

straight point said...

thank you very much for the award AB...your gesture means a lot to me :)

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

Actually the critics and skeptics for who the bag is strategically placed, use verbal volleys and seldom use real punches. And going by that, he'll be getting those punches anyway.

The bag is for fitness freak office goers; who can land a few punches every time they pass by.:)

Coming back to topic, you're right, why is Dravid blurring such an illustrious career. Why not he plan his Good-bye series, score some runs, matching to his goliath stature and say audieus. But , what to say.

Regarding award. :)

Anil Singh said...

@ Trideep

At the moment,I've similar feelings for Dravid. You gave right words to the sentiment.

Rest; in my reply to SP's.

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