English smug-fest : Atherton says Harbhajan too dependent on 'doosra'

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Anonymous said...

Is that atherton in the pic?

N/A said...

Scorpicity, I think it is Indian Fan asking Atherton, "Then what, we are winning every match and nothing more we need."

Anil Singh said...

@ Scorpicity

No Scorpy, Atherton is not in the pic.

Actually Cartoon is about a sarcastic remark on the smug attitide of english commentators; who rather than looking at English team's performance, keep on giving excuses,.. and splitting the hair on one thing or the other.
The guy in the pic is Indian Cricket fan; who is thinking "at the end of the day, we are winning".

Anil Singh said...

@ indiabol

You got the sarcasm, indiabol :)

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