Gavaskar, Kapil, Bedi in ICC's Hall of Fame

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Soulberry said...

AB, now the election season is around the corner...and the mix n match season soon after...I shudder to think what you could do those poor politician types!

If you do a blog on them, do drop in a word for I'd like to follow it as well.

During the long season of US elections I had a whale of a time browsing through many creative sites commenting in their own ways...inbcluding cartoons.

By the way, have you considered packaging your cricket cartoons into You Tubable Flash sets according to theme/tag?

And have you considered animation? Frame by frame drawing...short ones in either Imageready or Flash?

I hope I don't bug you with such chatter...but I see you as a tremendously gifted person....that makes one offer a suggestion or two.

Soulberry said...

I loved this cartoon by the way :) ...I forgot to mention that (doh)

Anil Singh said...

@ Soulberry

You can't imagine, how much guidance i get from every word you say. I make it a point of copying such suggestions and saving them for future reference too.

Ya you are very correct, election time is treat for any cartoonist, so why waste such an opportunity. Whenever i plan a political blog, I'll update you on every stage.

I'll be venturing into animations soon. I have put this thought in some inaccessible place some time back; now I'm going to think over it again so that some new can be started soon.

Soul, pl keep suggesting, your suggestions are a great learning experience for me.Feel free to criticize too.

Thanks once again.

For Cartoon...felt good. :)

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