Monday, 9 March 2009

CricketUA takes the much needed break !

Dear friends,

CricketUA is taking a much needed break, but not a prolong one.Will be back on 16 March 2009.

Till then enjoy the existing cartoons.


A Bisht

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Mani Raj said...

I am gonna miss your funny cartoons. I am sure there are many other regular blog visitors who feel the same. Looking forward to your return.

A Bisht said...

@ Mani

Going by your pithy and at the same time encouraging words, thank God, you stopped just at the right time. Otherwise, who knows, you would have said, that this is biggest thing you'll miss after the Vietnam war.

Thank you putting breaks on your rhetoric at the right time. Otherwise Vietnam war will make me cry as well. :)

Naked Cricket said...

breakfree AB!

straight point said...

...and i was waiting for a cult holi cartoon (specially in the wake of so many things happening...)

happy holi though!

A Bisht said...

@ NC

At last I succumbed to the writer's block, so the break had become inevitable.

Happy Holi NC, celebrate with bonhomie.

A Bisht said...

@ SP

SP, I can't help the writer's block.

Happy Holi, and have a blast.