Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Tendulkar joins SAVE TIGER campaign !

[To enlarge click on the cartoon]

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Mani Raj said...

What can i say, its just too funny.

A Bisht said...

@ Mani

So you are rolling on the floor laughing. Amazing, I never thought the cartoon is that funny. Either you're nuts or I'm. :)

vmminerva said...

:) Good one. Nice to see you back blogging.

A Bisht said...

@ vmminerva

Thanks VM :)

It's hard to get out of the blogging schedule for long. It's addictive, you know. Blogger world is a parallel world for me.

scorpicity said...

What was funny was when tendlya dedicated that century to the tigers... give me a break... how corny that was!

A Bisht said...

@ Scorpicity

And who'll benefit from the dedication , the tiger or Tendulkar, is anybody's guess. :)