IPL begins today... but before that some Preity Talk


Daniel Smith said...

Very funny. I'm surprised she didn't kiss the reporter.

Anil Singh said...

@ Mani Raj

Why do you so concerned about the reporter, has she kissed you ?

You're jealous, I'm jealous.

But why are you calling me Demitri, when you really shouldn't...

Daniel Smith said...

I'm not jealous. She can't kiss me anyway. She's in India and I'm in USA. On top of that I'm married.

Anil Singh said...

@ Mani Raj

You just scored a six, in your wife's good books.And your reply conform to the situation. As you wife is a big fan of CricketUA too.

Ankit Poddar said...


i guess, her boyfriend should allow, he is the co-owner of the team, and if that boasts the spirit of the team then be it!

Anil Singh said...

@ Ankit Poddar

You're right Ankit. And if one compares it with what other team owners are doing, like SRK announcing sleeping perks to his knights; then kissing seems harmless. :)

Amy said...

Her boyfriend wouldn't just approve. He'd probably want to get involved too.

Anil Singh said...

@ Amy

welcome to CricketUA Amy. :)

You're right. But the only question is; alike his girlfriend will he go overboard too.

Amy S. Talks Cricket is at CricketUA blogroll.

Keep commenting. :)

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