Friday, 19 February 2010

Curious Case Of M Vijay

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straight point said...

great toon ab the lighting and all...

tho i beleive badri should have been featured instead... :)

raj said...

Actually, Yuvraj should have played this series - and we would have known what he does against good bowling.
But now we have to hear platitudes like "Yuvraj's experience was missed" etc.
As though our man would have negotiated Steyn and Harris(Yeah, Harris - crap for others, but Bedi for Yuvraj)

A Bisht said...

@ Straight point_____________

Thanks SP :)

I agree with you Badri has to improve a lot on his game, in order to justify his place; but I think it's Vijay who is finding himself in a situation akin to 'Filling a giant's shoes'.

A Bisht said...

@ Raj________

Raj, You're making a great point here.Actually this "indispensable player" attitude has done much harm to Indian cricket. And becasue of it, many great performers from the domestic circuit, have to wait for years to get an opportunity to play in the national squad.