Sachin becomes first batsman to score a double hundred in an ODI

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Congrats Sachin !

Update 25/02/2010:  Everyone is congratulating Sachin for yesterday's double hundred; a feat that has made the little master even dearer to the cricket crazy Indians (and the world). TechShankar, a technology blogger has gone out of his way to celebrate Sachin's achievement.Shankar a die-hard fan of Sachin, has compiled some pics (some celebrating the feat, some rare and some not so rare) of Sachin-- an effort which at times is making for a nostalgic viewing.

Glorious World Record Moments - Sachin Tendulkar 200 Runs

Sachin’s cricketing days at school

Some more compilations are here and HERE.


TechShankar said...

I like your post. I love Sachin. Congrats dear little Master.

Sachin Tendulkar's Kids,Wife- Rare Picture Collections

Anil Singh said...

@TechShankar____________Thanks for sharing with me your wonderful compilation. I have addeded it as an update to CricketUA's this post.Hope you'll spare me for doing so without your permission.

Keep commenting.

TechShankar said...

Hi A Bisht,

Thanks for adding it in your blog post.

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