Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Australia loses Second Ashes Test In Adelaide

  • Tuesday, 7 December 2010
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  • Adilaide Test became a perfect example of how twitter is encroaching the cricket ground. Players saying something on twitter when not being selected is one thing; but tweeting apologies for on ground acts, is totally different. When players become too twitter savvy, we get a Test Where Michael Clarke looked more inclined to tweet then to save his wicket...

    5 Responses to “Australia loses Second Ashes Test In Adelaide”

    Paresh said...
    7 December 2010 13:51

    That was good one!

    A Bisht said...
    7 December 2010 19:47

    @Paresh________Thanks Paresh.

    Soulberry said...
    7 December 2010 19:57

    What next? After twitter? Man i tell you, those ozzies gone metrosexually soft.

    Nice cartoon..but hey, the Pup wasn't declaring anything! Noweher near a declaration unless it was to announce he had lasted the day!

    namya said...
    7 December 2010 20:47

    the ozs have started to sledge via twitter too now days? thats how metrosexual they have gone SB :)

    A Bisht said...
    19 December 2010 21:56

    @Soulberry_______Thanks Soul.:)

    The cartoon is meant to be seen, disconnected with Pup tweet, which was an apology. The cartoon was on the popularity of Twitter among cricketers.

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