Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Mitchell Johnson reportedly furious at being dropped for the Second Test

  • Wednesday, 1 December 2010
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  • In Image: Australian Skipper Rickey Ponting with his English Counterpart Andrew Strauss holding the coveted Ashes Trophy (Click Here To Zoom in)


    December 01, 2010 5:41pm -- has reported the out-of-form Johnson, 29, was told by Australia’s chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch this morning at training he would be dropped.

    Johnson - who is expected to be replaced by fellow left-hand quick Doug Bollinger - is reportedly furious at being dropped and has refused to train with the Aussies in the Adelaide nets at the team’s last full practice hit-out.

    2 Responses to “Mitchell Johnson reportedly furious at being dropped for the Second Test”

    Soulberry said...
    1 December 2010 14:01

    I did think indiscipline and entitlement was at the root of iffy performances.

    A Bisht said...
    2 December 2010 16:25

    @soulberry_______ya I agree. Aussies ruled the world as they were aggressive; but there's a thin line between aggression and indiscipline. In other words, one can say that, the trait that served them then, is hurting them back.

    Entitlement can also arise from the feeling of invincibleness; and aggression constantly feeds invincibility.

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