Gaurav Sethi of BCC! receives BlogAdda Cricket Blogger Award!

You may or may not know Gaurav Sethi, aka Naked Cricket, of Bored Cricket Crazy Indians Blog fame. You thought BCCI right? That's is the wonder of Gaurav Sethi. A man who is so passionate about cricket that he created a blog which is not Cricinfo or any other cricket related sports pages out there. BCC! is the space for an ordinary cricket fan, who idolises cricketers to the hilt. BCC! is a space for an ordinary cricket fan, who criticises the same idols to the hilt.

Dear friend Gaurav Sethi, who is regular on the cricket panel debates at NDTV 24X7, has recently been awarded BlogAdda Cricket Blogger Award, and rightly so. Read his interview at BlogAdda at the link below (Take my word, the interview is interesting!) :


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