Tendulkar takes 100th catch in Test cricket

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straight point said...

dravid was the lone 'slipper' isn't it...that explains his droppings... :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy in the left should have been robin singh... doesn't seem to be doing much.

Anil Singh said...

@ SP

Dravid kept on dropping...and Sachin took the 100th catch...the idea was to portray this irony. :)

Anil Singh said...

@ Scorpicity

Scorpi, You'd also have noticed that Sachin although a fine fielder, is seldom praised for his fielding skills; as his batting overshadows it.

like his batting, he is always very balanced while taking crucial catches.

Soulberry said...

Super! :)

Neat satire yet again.

Anil Singh said...

@ Soulberry

Thanks Soul :)

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