Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Abnormally high aims of Men in Blue,... costs India the match

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Mani Raj said...

Great, really funny blog and so true.

Naked Cricket said...

Sehwag wanted to score 160 on his own. Grounds like this he should.

ankit said...

great illustration there!

precisely the way sehwag and yusuf were looking when they came on ground!

and yeah, the page header is simply brilliant!

A Bisht said...

@ Mani

Thanks for the praise,Mani.

Keep commenting.

A Bisht said...

@ NC

Right said NC. And I agree he's capable of doing that. But he should not be distracted by great ambitions all the time. What do you say ?

A Bisht said...

@ Ankit

Thanks Ankit.

The duo wanted to deport every ball outside the boundary.

It felt good that you noticed the new header, I desperately needed some feedback. Thanks.

straight point said...

hillarious AB!

time it not far when clearing 30yards circle will constitute a six in T20...

Cuckoo said...

Do you remember me ? :-)

Have linked your sketch to my post here

A Bisht said...

@ SP

Thanks SP.

I still don't understand why can't we have one standard for grounds every where.

See some players have already succumbed to the greed.

A Bisht said...

@ Cuckoo

Hi Cuckoo,

Don't say that, how can I ever forget a girl, whose name is so sweet to the ears.

It felt good to see you here after so long. Keep talking.

I read your write-up,Thank you for giving words to the lines.